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January 2020 Newsletter

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January 2020

Dear Friends,

Aware of them or not we are exposed to harmful chemicals in the air, water, food and environment like never before in the history of mankind. While we cannot always control these exposures we can certainly make choices that help our eliminatory organs remove these unwanted toxins from our bodies.

Over the decades we have had many farmers come here for our workshops who are aware of the lethal effects of agro-chemicals. Pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer exposure causes farm workers to suffer more chemical related injuries and illnesses than any other workforce nationwide. Research shows agricultural workers suffer from higher rates of serious health problems including birth defects, Parkinson’s, other neurodegenerative diseases, infertility and hormonal problems, respiratory diseases and cancer.

You and I may not be farmers but we do need to be concerned about detoxification on a daily basis. Call us for help whether you are interested in attending one of our intense and life changing workshops or would like to set up a consultation. We are here to serve you and look forward to hearing from you.

God’s richest blessings to you in 2020.

In health,

Linda S. Zeller

(218) 835-4340


Toxicity is a rising concern in today's world-the result of exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in the earth's atmosphere, water, food, and soil. These pollutants manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including decreased immune function, neurotoxicity, hormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbances, and even-cancer. People now carry within their bodies a
modern-day chemical cocktail derived from industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, anesthetics, and the residues of pharmaceutical, legal, and illegal drugs. Detoxification therapy helps to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants and can facilitate a return to health.

Detoxification is imperative to health. It is the body's natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins via the liver, the kidneys, the urine, the feces, exhalation, and perspiration. As a result of the industrial revolution and the post-World War II petrochemical revolution, toxins have accumulated in the human system faster than they can be eliminated. The process of detoxification may be the missing link to rejuvenating the body and preventing chronic diseases. Cleansing toxins and waste products will help restore optimum function and vitality.


Far Infrared (FIR) Waves remove toxins. One of the reasons FIR has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of FIR waves to remove toxins which are often at the core of many health problems. Toxins that cannot be removed immediately after they enter the body are encapsulated by clusters of water. Blood circulation becomes blocked and cellular energy impaired where these toxins accumulate. However, when a 10- micron FIR wave is applied to water molecules containing toxins, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.

One study done by American researchers showed that the sweat released by users of a FIR sauna (80-85% water) was different than the sweat of people using a conventional sauna (95-75% water) or doing normal exercise. The non-water portion of sweat released in a FIR sauna was cholesterol, fat- soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.

                                                                            ..   The Science of Far Infrared Therapies


FIR Dome causes release of toxic substances. Using the FIR Dome can stimulate blood circulation, and you will perspire slightly while using it. Harmful substances will be discharged from your body by the enhanced circulation and by elimination. The intake of water is extremely important as it is with the use of the Aerobic Exerciser. Adequate water can bring added beneficial effects. Overuse of the unit or insufficient water intake will cause dry mouth.

If a person takes large amounts of medication it accumulates in the system and brings about patho- logical changes. FIR can help eliminate heavy metals and other harmful substances from our systems as FIR penetrates our bodies. This is why the body will sometimes smell of medication. When radiated
with FIR the body can smell of chemicals for a time. 

Progesterone is a hormone that is a precursor to other steroid hormones and is a major contributor to the balancing of hormones for both women and men. Hormones play an integral role in a healthy immune system. Contact us to purchase Happy PMS or Adams Prostate Care.

We live in a world of toxins, chemicals and stress. We can make choices that will increase circulation of the blood and lymph fluids, oxygenation, detoxification and deep relaxation. The SOQI Bed, Chi Machine and Far Infrared Domes are great for this.

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