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5 Point Protocol

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The protocol listed below has been developed from 40 years of study and use.  It is intended to promote a healthier life style.  We make no claims of healing.  Linda does not endorse any other program (even those that may mention her name).  Forty years of personal use and research cannot be duplicated.

The outline that we use for the 3 Day educational workshop is 72 pages long and copyrighted.  The details will vary greatly depending on individual needs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

The information is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information.  Suggestions for dietary supplements are to nutritionally support or aid the body 

                     Outline for the 5 Point Protocol for Rejuvenation Workshop

                                                  by Linda Zeller

I.) Prayer and Meditation

Develop the habit of talking with your Creator, our God, for guidance and discernment, faith,
peace, strength, wisdom, discipline/volition. It changes you at a cellular level. Prayer helps to
rid toxic thoughts. It will help create your habits, which are patterns of learned behavior
that are not inherited ... therefore habits of effectiveness can be learned and habits of
ineffectiveness may be unlearned.
Defining your roles and goals gives your life more meaning,
direction and order. Know what you are about and upon what principles your life is based.

2.) Purifying LifestylelDietary Changes

Ask yourself when making choices "Does this choice contribute to my life or does it
contribute to my death?" because it does!! Learn how to eliminate poisonous chemicals from
your home, foods, air, water and environment. Eat and juice organically ..... consider eating 85% raw for
healing. Take Go Greens. Think about incorporating colon cleanses, liver and gall bladder
cleanses, etc. We have hundreds of recipes for meals and juicing, one of my favorite books is the
"Gerson Therapy Handbook" which helps you with ideas on how to set up your kitchen, etc.

3.) Far Infrared Rays-SOQI Bed-65 Hours, Chi Machine, ERE

We are so blessed to have HTE provide FIR at a fraction of the cost and to also provide the
superior and unique arched design with the multifaceted and acute angled surface which
maximizes the penetration of the FIR, making it much more effective than other brands.
FIR is a powerful modality for promoting healing, safe enough for newborn babies with jaundice and
yet powerful enough to help fight cancer according to many health care professionals. Of course
we have to be careful to say here that FIR heals nothing ... but, that our bodies sometime heal
themselves when given the proper support. Read the following by clicking on or call our office for copies:

"Far Infrared's Effect on Dentistry and the Immune System" by Dr. John Tate and "Too Hot for Cancer" about the Klinik St. George also known as the St. George Hospital in Germany by Harvey Kaltsas D.O.M., A. P., "Turning Up the Heat 0n Cancer" that was on CBS and another article called "Hyperthermia with Chemotherapy to Treat Inoperable Metastatic Tumors" "Prostate Recovery and RegionaHyperthermia' from the Consumer's Guide to Fighting Cancer is not on our web site, but is available from our office. 

Our new cds "The NIHA Clinic Team of Doctors and Linda Zeller-Intro to 65 Hour Protocol
Using Far Infrared Ravs" an interview conducted bv Lisa Wilson CHC
fCFT" are 
available through our office.

Hippocrates said "Give me a fever and I can heal any illness." FIR is completely safe and
helps to provide: increased blood and lymph flow, expanding of the capillaries, more nitric
oxide, oxygenation of the cells, detoxification, deep relaxation, reduction of lactic acid,
accelerated healing, weight normalization and pain relief!

4.) Balance Hormones

Because we live in an environment that is full of xeno-estrogens ... man made chemicals, that
block the progesterone receptor sites and mimic estrogen-we become hormonally unbalanced.
They can be very toxic to the body. There is an epidemic of estrogen dominance in developed
countries, caused by things like ... giving estrogen to cows, pigs and chickens to make them grow 

faster, petrochemicals in our environment, pesticides, car exhaust, plastics (soft toys, food
wraps), soaps, glues, carpeting, nail polish, medicine, water bottles, lawn chemicals, growth
hormones in our commercial foods. We cannot escape the toxicity .. .I live in northern Minnesota
in the middle of 50 acres of woods on purpose and live as a purist, and still I cannot escape the
pollution of modern day living. Excessive estrogen becomes a potent promoter of cancer and
other diseases.

Following are some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance that Dr. John R. Lee lists:
acceleration of the aging process, aches and pains, acne, allergies, including asthma, hives,
rashes, sinus congestion, anemia, anxiety, depression, auto immune disorders, bleeding gums,
bloating, breast tenderness, cervical dysplasia, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, cold
intolerance, decreased sex drive, digestive problems, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, diabetes,
fibroids, endometriosis, cancer, foggy thinking, headaches, weight gain, fibrocystic breasts,
gallbladder disease, Graves disease, hair loss, facial hair on women, heart palpitations, hot
flashes, hypoglycemia, increased blood clotting and increased risk of stroke, insomnia, irregular
menstrual periods, irritability, leg cramps, infertility, miscarriages, premature deliveries, night
sweats, osteoporosis, postpartum depression, prostate cancer, rosacea, seizure disorders, sleep
disorders, senility, shortness of breath, sweet cravings, sluggish metabolism, thyroid, vertigo
dysfunctions, urinary tract infections, vaginal dryness....  for more info, see Dr. John R. Lee's
books, DVDs and CD's at www.zellersnaturalhealth.com.

5.) Anishinaabeg Tea, Ezziac Tea Plus Cat's Claw, Ojibwe Tea, Immune Stimulation Tea
Hundreds of years ago the French government sent their doctors to the northern Minnesota/ 
Canadian border region to study under the Anishinaabeg medicine men whom were very
advanced in herbal medicine. This recipe comes from them. The herbs grow locally here where I
live ..... the recipe is famous all over the world and was given out at the Gerson hospital in Mexico
where I went when I had cancer. I have been consuming this tea for almost 23 years.

When I make it at home I add Cat's Claw capsules to my supplementation. It takes 12 hours to
make it from scratch from the dried herbs and your house smells wonderful! You may purchase
these herbs to cook and make yourself or you may purchase it pre-made. For more information
on the dry herbs to cook, the triple strength pre-made Ezziac Tea Plus Cat's Claw, Ezziac Tea without the Cat's Claw and the many reasons why one should consume this powerful tea, check out www.zellersnaturalhealth.com or call our office at 218-835-4340. If you want to read about it we have many different books and publications available that have been written about this medicinal tea and the many results obtained. It is cheaper to purchase in bulk.