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Ezzeac Tea Plus Cats Claw Super Concentrate16 ounce(makes 32 ounce) Includes shipping

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Product Description

Super Concentrated Ezzeac Tea with Cats Claw 16 ounces makes same amount as 32 ounce.

Smaller bottle is easier to handle. 

Price includes shipping.

1 $45.95                                                               $45.95
2  $91.90( -$.50 discount per bottle) =       $90.90 ( shipping included)
3  $137.85(-$.75 discount per bottle) =   $135.60 (  shipping included) 
4  $183.80(-$1.00 discount per bottle) = $
179.80 (  shipping included) 
5  $229.75(-$1.25 discount per bottle)=  $223.50 (  shipping included) 
6  $275.70(-$1.50 discount per bottle)=  $266.70 (  shipping included) 

Pre-made Ezzeac herbal tea in 16 oz. bottles. Every herb in the formula developed by Rene N.Caisse R. has different requirements for maximizing the extraction of the active compounds.

In this formula Plus Cat's Claw Herb, every herb is prepared individually then blended together to ensure maximum potency. Ezzeac also contains three times the herbs used by any other brand.

With the addition of the Cat's Claw herb (una de gato) one of the most important immune stimulating herbs yet discovered in the Amazon Rainforest, this product is also the best value on the market.


BURDOCK ROOT - Throughout history Burdock has become legendary as the best “blood purifier” known.  
The history, as found in herb books, of this herb indicates that it is also beneficial to the skin as well as
stomach ulceration.  The Japanese have isolated, from Burdock Root named the B factor, the substance they
believe is responsible for the effect on tumors.  Some people believe that malignant cells and tumors start out
as a fungus. This herb has shown the ability to destroy both fungus and various types of bacteria in laboratory
experiments. This herb has been used over time to help support healthy blood sugar levels.  Inulin, a substance
in the root, helps the pancreas to produce insulin, which may make this herb beneficial to diabetics.  Burdock
helps the body eliminate excess fluid assisting the kidneys, liver, and the overall digestive system.  This herb
is rich in the B and E vitamins also minerals which include potassium, phosphorus iron, magnesium, zinc,
silicon, cobalt, and chromium.  Burdock Root the main ingredient in the formula and  Dr. Maclean considers it
the most important.

SHEEP SORREL HERB - Unlike Burdock, the leaves, stem, flowers and seeds of this plant are used.  The
arrowhead shaped leaves are rich in chlorophyll.  Research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston,
Texas has shown that chlorophyll aids the body’s immune system in fighting against certain carcinogens and
helps strengthen the overall immune system.  Because this herb contains as much as 40 % iron compounds, it is
also very effective as a blood purifier and excellent for the lymphatic system (years ago the immune system
was called the lymphatic system).  It may be proven to be effective in the war against chromosome damage
which is considered by many to be a precursor to tumor growth.  Sheep Sorrel is rich in Beta-carotene,
Carotenoid compounds 8-12%.  Also rich in Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and K. Also minerals which
include calcium, iron, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, and zinc.

CAT’S CLAW HERB – (This is not in our Ezzeac Plus™ Original Formula) According to Dr. Maclean, this
herb is second only to burdock.  This 100 foot long vine grows primarily in the Amazon Rain forest of Peru.  
The Ashanica Indians of Peru have used this plant for many hundreds of years to treat a large variety of health
problems.  Medical and other scientific research have shown the effectiveness of this herb to help strengthen
the immune system.    The natives used the inner bark of the vine for less severe problems and the root for
more serious health issues These indigenous people used between 2 and 20 grams per day in the form of a tea.  
Dr. Maclean’s research  with independent laboratories has shown the root to be 3 to 4 times higher in
alkaloids than the vine.  And it is the vine that most companies are selling in the US and Europe.  Much of the
previous medical research was done using the root of the plant, not the vine.  At this time, it is believed that
the alkaloids in the plant are the items responsible for the healing properties, but this has yet to be proven by
science.  Dr. Maclean feels that there may be other several properties about the plant especially the root that
may be responsible for the benefits medical science has shown.

SLIPPERY ELM BARK - The inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree is stripped. dried and ground into powder.  
This herb differs from the others because of its mucilage properties. When wet, it becomes slimy.  History
reports that the Indians in the U.S. and Canada would oftentimes survive hard winters when game was scarce
by eating the inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree because it is known to have more nutritional value than oat
meal.  The mucilage property makes this herb superb for coating any area it touches.  It protects membrane
linings thus decreasing inflammation.  Many texts have reported about its use easing ulceration as well as
lubrication of the joints.  As it moves through the digestive track, it attaches to toxins and moves them out of
the body thereby helping cleanse the entire system.

TURKISH (INDIAN) RHUBARB ROOT - This ancient herb has been used in both the Orient, (specifically
by the Chinese) for more than 2,000 years and in North America by the Indians. In 1987 a research team
investigated 178 Chinese herbs for antibacterial activity against one of the major microorganisms in human
intestinal flora.  Only Rhubarb was found to have significant activity.  Recent scientific findings show Rhubarb
in small amounts as a cathartic (cause a laxative effect) due to the anthraquinones and anthraquinone sugar
derivatives and in large amounts as an astringent (anti diuretic effect) due to the tannins. The opposite effects
caused by this plant are simply due to the amount taken at any given time. Take a small amount and get one
effect and take a large amount and get the opposite.  One hospital studied three kinds of extracted Rhubarb
used over 10 years.  Employing a double blind method, patients in each of three groups showed an efficiency
of over 90% in stopping their upper digestive tract bleeding. One problem with this herb is that it has a high
level of oxalic acid, which may cause renal damage as a result of the formation of excessive calcium oxalate.  
Oxalate's can cause the development of kidney stones and lead to kidney damage.  Therefore it is absolutely
necessary to add another herb to the formula to help offset the negative potential danger of Turkey Rhubarb

WATERCRESS - Historically the Greeks and Romans thought this herb improved the brain and later in
medieval Europe it was used for sword wounds.  Early settlers used it to prevent scurvy, a spring tonic and as
an appetite stimulant and the Indians adopted it as a food and used it to treat kidney and liver problems.  Today
the British eat Watercress sandwiches and use it instead of lettuce.  Dr. Charles Brusch, Physician to the late
President John F. Kennedy (fellow researcher with Nurse Rene Caisse the promoter of the original essiac
formula), informed Dr. Maclean that Watercress should be added to the formula, in very specific amounts, to
offset the negative effects of the oxalic acid from Turkish Rhubarb. Watercress is high in vitamin C, which is
an antioxidant.  Antioxidants are one of the items that help dissolve kidney stones.  Watercress is rich in
various mineral salts as well as vitamins C, A, B2, D, and E.

Dr. Charles Brusch told Dr. Maclean that although he and Nurse Caisse had added other herbs to the formula,
these were all the herbs necessary to get the desired results.  Following the old established herbalist
philosophy, Dr. Maclean elected to use the fewest number of herbs possible to get the desired results.  One
year later Dr. Maclean improved the way the herbs in the formula were processed.  Instead of boiling all the
herbs together in one pot, (which is the process that all other manufactures use), each individual plant was now
treated separately and several were never boiled.  This almost doubled the effectiveness of the formula.  Dr.
Maclean is the only person in the US or Canada who does this.  In 1994 he decided to add Cat’s Claw herb to
the formula due to it’s reported immune enhancing properties.   Physicians and health food stores around the
country consider this the most effective of the formulas available today.  To get the desired results, it is
important to use the correct amount of Cat’s Claw in the Ezzeac formula.  Keep in mind that there are times
when a person should not take Cat’s Claw herb in any form.  This is why Ezzeac Plus is offered in two
formulas, one without and one with Cat’s Claw herb.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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